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Welcome to Costameiga, I would like to thank you for visiting our website. Costameiga offers a very wide range of rental properties in a particular area of the North West coast of Spain, in the Galician region, from Noia to Finisterre.

When you book through us you will avoid onsite disappointment, you will get all the information that you may need or request for your holiday, you will get very good value for money and you will have a high quality service in the entire booking process. How or why we are able to offer all this? Simply because we:

  • Have the advantage of being locals, we were born here, therefore we know.
  • Have the Experience; our team has been working with self-catering accommodation for Spanish customers for more than ten years.
  • Have the knowledge; degrees in Hospitality and Tourism Management as well as Marketing and Web-design are part of the intangible assets of Costameiga.
  • Have visited and photographed all the properties offered on our website, we do not allow the owner to send us photos or descriptions, all the information given has been seen by our own eyes.

At Costameiga, our policy is: tremendous selection, excellent customer service and a good price. What we really want to offer you is a holiday to remember and we do honestly believe in the Galician Coast charm. We are aware that many Europeans may not have heard much about Galicia but it is really popular destination amongst Spaniards. Many people holiday in Galicia for the gastronomy alone. We are committed to give you the opportunity to enjoy and participate in a characterful, stunningly scenic, unspoilt and uncrowded region which can boast with no remorse that it is the Eden of Spain.

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