Carnota Beach

Carnota beach is a beautiful and unique enclave that comprises: beach, marsh, dunes and intertidal zone. Considered by the German magazine “Traum Strände” one the one hundred best beaches in the world, this seven kilometers beach with the shape of a crescent moon and made of fine white sand offers more than a place to relax and enjoy, the wildlife and ecological value of this site is just priceless. For this reason is protected area by Red Natura 2000*. How wonderful it is to lie down without seeing buildings, hearing traffic or without sensing pollution, just you and maybe a handfull of others around you enjoying the same scenario.
* Natura 2000 is the centrepiece of EU nature & biodiversity policy. It is an EU wide network of nature protection areas established under the 1992 Habitats Directive. The aim of the network is to assure the long-term survival of Europe's most valuable and threatened species and habitats.


Beach features

  • Type of beach: Rustic
  • Length: 7000 metres
  • Type of sand: Fine and white
  • Occupation during summer: Bajo
  • Family friendly: Si


C-550 Road

Type of access: Car, walking

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