O Rostro Beach - Fisterra

This 1.24 miles /2 km length beautiful white sandy beach with dune system is one of the few that can be considered, in terms of conservation, Virgin. O Rostro is situated in the north side of the Finisterre peninsula, this location, far away from towns and villages adds to the beach a solitary and wild atmosphere. It is ideal for the ones who want to be in direct touch with nature and the sea, but precaution please if you want to swim, as open sea the currents can be strong. We recommend you to walk along the cliffs on the left hand side, the scenery from there is really worth it. It is protected by the Red Natura 2000.


Fonte Cottage

  • Sleepers: 10
  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Nearest beach: 1,5 km

Beach features

  • Type of beach: Virgin
  • Length: 2000 metres
  • Type of sand: Fine and white
  • Occupation during summer: Bajo
  • Family friendly: No


Sardiñeiro village take a local road

Type of access: Car, walking

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