San Pedro Beach

San Pedro is a small but lovely beach convenient for people who spend their holidays in O Pindo or Ezaro villages. Sandy and calm waters are ideal for the enjoyment of the children and perfect relaxation for adults. What always amuses Costa Meiga is the colour of the water on a sunny day, if perhaps it was not for its temperature, it would look like you were in a Caribbean beach. A beautiful beach! The singularity of O Pindo seaside village is its location, you will find it at the foot of the Pindo Mountain (a huge granite rock, 627 metres, where our Celtic ancestors used to have their Olympus), the contrast between sea and land is truly breathtaking.


Solaina A

  • Sleepers: 4
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Nearest beach: 30 m

Beach features

  • Type of beach: Village beach
  • Length: 350 metres
  • Type of sand: Fine and white
  • Occupation during summer: Bajo
  • Family friendly: Si


Road C-550

Type of access: Car, walking

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