Lira village

Lira is typical Galician coastal village. Going north, it is located after Lariño and before Carnota. You will find there, main facilities such as: a local general practitioners' (GP) surgery, restaurants, bars, bakery, supermarkets, fresh fish market every day (apart from Mondays) and a local sea-museum called Mardelira, whose main aim is reveal to the people the sea fishing world. Through this organisation you will be able to enjoy the experience of what is called “fishtourism”.
Fishing tourism is part of the wider context of marine ecotourism and may involve the embarkation of persons (who are not members of the crew) on fishing vessels for recreational-tourism purposes. Please ask Costa Meiga, if you what to know more about this activity.
For the trekking and riding lovers we recommend to you the “Green path” (Senda verde). It is a selection of walks around the Carnota Mountains, for further details about the route directions, trail information and maps, please ask the local tourist office.
In terms of heritage, Lira is proud of its two churches from the 18th century and to have one of the biggest Hórreos (Galician Granaries).


Boavista Cottage

  • Sleepers: 7
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Nearest beach: 1 km


Road C-550

Type of access: Car, bus

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